Los Angeles, Heath and Fitness


If you’re reading this and thinking “I didn’t know Jeff had a blog”. Don’t worry, this is a first. I have always wanted to do one. Being an actor I get to travel to some amazing places around the world and get to experience things that aren’t particularly “society normal”. However due to the fact I am dyslexic I have put off writing one. My writing is by no way professional. It’s just an actor sharing his experiances.

Since moving to Los Angeles my lifestyle has changed considerably. Being born in the North of England where it rains, nearly everyday. I have been able to appreciate the positive effect nice weather can have on yourself. Us northerners get such a bad deal in terms of weather!

I moved back out to Los Angeles once again in January this year. It is with out a doubt the place I can see myself growing old. Once you get settled you realise how healthy Americans CAN eat, especially on the west coast. They get a bad rep for unhealthy eating from us Brits and yes when I moved over I thought ‘how does everyone look so healthy’. That quickly changes when you start to meet people by going on a hike, to the beach, to a bulletproof coffee shop, or  to Gracias Madre- plant based vegan and organic restaurant…

There’s no secret to why people in Los Angeles look the way they do. An active lifestyle combined with nutritious food. And the sun.

(A dyslexic actors point of view)


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