England was really cold.

This past week has been unforgetable. It started off proactively with me getting new ‘headshots’ taken and rehearsing for a short film that was due to film Wednesday gone. This quickly changed when I got the devastating news that my Grandad had passed away. Instantly I knew I had to fly back to England to be with my parents, aunties and the rest of the family.

The news came on Sunday night in the form of a social media message from my little cousin.  She’s 16 so she’s not that little anymore. I rang my mother straight away and she and her 3 sisters confirmed the sad news. It sounds strange, but it was a nice conversation; with the phone being passed around one by one as they tried to explain what happened without emotion getting the better of them. I spoke to all 4 sisters.  You really feel the distance in moments such as this.

That next day Matthew and I spoke to our mother and older brother and planned to come back to the UK on Tuesday night. After a number of phone calls back and fourth between 10pm to 5:30am local time, they managed to get some flights sorted.  By this time I was wide awake…. so I went to the gym to keep busy.

I managed to squeeze a few important meetings in on Tuesday morning. Then I went back to the apartment, packed, which took all of 15 minutes (my version of packing is to throw everything in and hope for the best!). We flew from LAX to London.  London to Edinburgh.  My mother and father were there waiting for the three hour drive back into the north of England. I will find out just how effective my method of packing is over the next couple of weeks, I suppose!

The funeral service on Friday was both lovely and heartbreaking at the same time.  It really is difficult to lose someone within such a close family. My Grandad was such a loving father to my mother.  She always spoke so highly of him.  We all had the greatest respect and admiration for what he managed to achieve. Four children is a lot to handle. Add his 60 years of successful marriage and it makes it just that bit more impressive!

I have been round at my Grandmas every day since I have got back. This morning, It was time for me to leave Cumbria once again.  I said my goodbye to the family and managed to arrange a quick hike with one of my best friends. This picture was taken yesterday evening. Let’s just say it was really cold!

Thanks for reading x

(A dyslexic actors point of view)IMG_7755.JPG


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